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About Us Posting

About Us

Attleboro Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union is a forever evolving institution whose sole purpose is the financial wellbeing of its membership.

From our humble beginnings, storing payroll deductions in a cigar box, to the sophisticated systems we use today that allow you to conduct your business from nearly anywhere on the planet, our goal has never changed.  

The Municipal Employees of the City of Attleboro formed an institution for our membership to responsibly borrow and save at reasonable rates. Attleboro Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union is a place where your peers and neighbors work with you to help you attain financial stability so that we may all enjoy the many good things that life has to offer.

The History of the Founders and Presidents of the Board of Directors of Attleboro Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union

June 1963

A small group of city employees met in an upstairs room of the former South Main Street Fire Station to discuss forming a municipal credit union.

September 1963

The idea was brought to the City Council for approval to allow City Treasurer, Edward Healey to withhold payroll deductions.

December 1963

On December 17th, Attleboro City Employees’ proposal for adoption of a credit union was approved.

January 1964

On January 12th, the organization certifications were approved and the official title for the new entity became Attleboro Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union.

Melvin M. Adams (Finberg School principal) was elected as the first President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Adams presided until 1967.

March 1967

Sam Fine was elected president of the credit union which now had 261 members.

Sam Fine is remembered as a wonderful person that held monthly Board of Director’s meetings in his home where his wife served delightful refreshments.

Mr. Fine held the office of President until he retired at the age of 85 in 1983.

February 1983

Burdon “Buster” Blanchard, co-founder and charter member of the Credit Union, was elected president in February 1983.

In 2002 under Burdon Blanchard’s leadership, the building in which we currently reside at 138 South Main Street was purchased to be the new home of AMEFCU.

Mr. Blanchard was a strong leader who ensured that the Credit Union prospered and remained safe and secure during his tenure.

“Buster” served us until his death in 2006.

November 2006

Rudolph Bruneau, also a charter member of the Credit Union and a close friend of “Buster’s”, was unanimously elected to maintain the credit union. Mr. Bruneau served the credit union in a very efficient manner for the short time he was president until his death in 2008.

June 2008 to Present

Our current President is Garry Billingkoff, also a charter member of the Credit Union. Garry is a powerful thinker who understands the credit union, its origins and philosophy and has a keen vision for where we would like to be going forward. .

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